I am quite computer savvy. I am not one of those people who rant about how one system sucks but am I not a fanboy either. I am proficient in Mac OS, Linux, and Windows. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. For my personal use however I prefer Apple computers running Mac OS X.447px-MicrosoftWindows-Logo_svg

IBM PS2 Model 90 XPMy first computer was an IBM PS/2 handed down to me in 1997. It had an Intel 486/SX25 and ran Windows 3.1. It was also the first computer I ever upgraded. Once I cracked that case open I was hooked.

In 1998 I got my first Mac. It was a PowerBook G3 with OS 8.6. Shortly thereafter I bought my wife an iMac (green).

For the next few years I brought home every old computer I could get my hands on….286, 386, 486,…even old 68k Macs. I soaked up everything I could about computers. I also gained knowledge by building and upgrading friend’s computers.old-apple-computer-vector

Eventually in 2000 I found Linux. I started with Red Hat and then played with the many different distros at the time. I tried Corel Linux, Turbo Linux, Suse, Mandrake, and finally Ubuntu.

fedora-linux-logoNow I have settled down a little and have a MacPro, HP Chromebook, and a home-built i7 machine running Fedora 20.

I am currently practicing programming and web design.  Google-Chrome-26-Lands-with-Intelligent-Cloud-Spell-Checker-2


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